1. or call (888) 278-6121.
  2. Upon approval, you may begin looking for a vehicle fitting these guidelines:
    • Late-model, Low-mileage vehicles
    • Low monthly payments
    • Short loan length
    • Discounted price

    If you cannot locate a dealer willing to work within these discounted parameters, we can put you in touch with one that will deliver a vehicle to you at no additional charge.

  3. After you select a vehicle, we will review all paperwork submitted by the dealership to verify:
    • The price - must be competitive with NADA values
    • Safety - the dealership has completed a 40 point inspection
    • Background - via CarFax of the car selected

Please do not hesitate to call and request a sample contract outlining all applicable fees, rates, etc. for your state.

Or call toll free 1-888-721-2800