What Attorneys Have to Say About Us

722 Redemption has been in the industry for over 30 years. We have worked with many attorneys nationwide. Here is what they had to say..

Jeff Mathias
Jeff Mathias
Jeff Mathias Law Offices
Des Moines, IA

722 Redemption has helped many of my clients keep their car while reducing the debt obligation. 722 staff support has really been there for me when I have needed it. I would encourage anyone to give 722 Redemption a try!

Chad Van Horn
Chad Van Horn
Van Horn Law Group
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Every bankruptcy attorney should be aware of 722 Redemption and the potential benefits to their clients. They have helped many of my clients save thousands of dollars.

Lamya Forghany
Lamya Forghany
Forghany Law
Lawrence, MA

722 has tremendously transformed not only my practice, but my clients lives! Many of them are in dire straights with regards to their cars that they desperately need to get to work. 722 Redemption has been able to (in some cases) reduce their payments in half, and lower the amount of years left on the loan! This is truly a god send for our clients, and makes us look good too!

Shawn Doan
Shawn Doan
Doan Law Firm
Escondido, CA

...efficient, easy to work with and very cost effective, 722 Redemption Funding puts money back in our clients' pockets. Every bankruptcy case I file is screened to see if 722 Redemption Funding can save the client money.

Timothy Kingcade
Timothy Kingcade
Kingcade, Garcia, McMaken
Miami, FL

We have been using 722 Redemption Funding since 2003. Before then, we were filing many cases under Chapter 13 just to strip down the debtor's car. Redemption Funding allows us to file cases under Chapter 7 where the client satisfaction is much higher.

Ted Stokes
Ted Stokes
Stokes Law, PLLC
North Logan, UT

As a bankruptcy attorney, you have to think about your client’s long term satisfaction. The longer they are happy with the result of their financial recovery, the longer they continue to refer you business. I think my favorite thing about 722 is that I refer them my clients for a review to determine if redemption is a good option and for about half of them, redemption provides no benefit. Its refreshing when a company that is in position to make money is completely honest and upfront with your client. However, for the other half of the clients that redemption is beneficial for, the clients are so pleased. I lot of people love their current vehicle and don’t want to see it go in the bankruptcy but you can predict future failure if the client proceeds with reaffirmation because the car is so far underwater, but when you can tell your clients, “Hey you can keep your car and the payment is going down $150.00 or more, they think you are magician. 722’s been great to work with and if you aren’t at least having them review your client’s vehicle situations, you are missing out on higher client satisfaction which leads to higher referral rates.



Reaffirming on your car loan, and keeping it "as is", is VERY rarely your best option.

Our online tool will help you determine whether to REFINANCE OR REPLACE your car in 1-Minute! And with no cost or obligation.


  • Absolutely NO COST or OBLIGATION
  • Lower Monthly Car Payments
  • Re-Establish Credit
  • Owe Only What Your Car is Worth
  • We Haved Saved Chapter 7 Filers Over $300 Million and Counting...



You can keep your car and pay only what it is currently worth, NOT what you owe.


You can surrender your car and replace it with a new or used, low mileage vehicle.


  • A+ Rating on BBB
  • Unmatched Experience
  • Competitive Rates
  • Experts Waiting to Take Your Call

What our customers are saying?

3 months ago

722 Redemption will do everything that they can to help you. I felt that they were going to take care of me after the first phone call. Don was very quick with his work and explained the load of information in a brief yet comprehensive manner that built trust in the service provided. I never felt any judgment and he always kept me updated. Thanks Don & 722 for your business!

2 months ago

Don Scott was amazing to work with. He made everything very easy understand and returned my calls every time. My payments are reasonable and it allowed me to keep my car. Thank you for everything

Ruth Anne Rubeling
Ruth Anne Rubeling
a month ago

Dan was AmAzInG to work with. We had some complications and he helped us work through all the “bugs” to get our loan funded with our bankruptcy. When it didn’t look like it was going to happen, he showed us it would happen!!! We would recommend 722 Redemption Funding to anyone going through bankruptcy!!!!

Anna Hodge
Anna Hodge
2 weeks ago

Don Scott was excellent! He explained all my options in detail. When things weren’t going well he stepped in to help get it fixed. I would recommend them 100%!

Shanna Omsi
Shanna Omsi
7 months ago

Sharon Manroe is very professional. She was doing her the best and even better what she can. She does her job very well and fast. It was always nice to talk to her. Her job is not just a job because she is passionate about to help people to resolve their problem. Thank Sharon for excellent job. It's the one of the best of customer service I had.

Who We Are

722 Redemption Funding has over 30 years of uninterrupted business and over $300 million dollars saved through our programs. 722 has developed a track record no one can match. With the nation's premier redemption company in your corner, we can assure you a hassle-free experience.