Automatic Referrals Through Best Case Bankruptcy!

Without cost or obligation, you can now automatically refer your clients to us directly through your Best Case Bankruptcy software. This makes saving your client money and increasing firm revenue easier than ever before.

Once activated, every time you close a client file in Best Case, the client will be referred to us for a complimentary automobile valuation review, given they have not been previously referred and meet the minimum eligibility requirements of $1,800 gross monthly income and a $300 car payment.

This feature can be activated in seconds in your Best Case Bankruptcy software by following these simple steps:


Step 1: Configure the 722 Redemption Feature

Open your client file. From the Best Case toolbar, select Tools > 722 Redemption > Edit Configuration

Step 2: The 722 Redemption Configuration window will open.

1. Select whether you want debtor data sent to 722 Redemption automatically when the debtor has a minimum monthly income of $1,800 and a minimum car payment of $300.

2. If you select to have the debtor data sent automatically, you will be able to choose whether the case must already be filed and whether Exhibit D must first be completed. Click Save

Step 3: Send a debtor to 722 Redemption

Open your client file. From the main toolbar, select Tools > 722 Redemption > Send Debtor Information to 722 Redemption.

Step 4: Input Monthly Income and Car Payment

In the Send Debtor to 722 Redemption window, review the monthly income and car payment fields. Then click the button "Send Debtor to 722 Redemption"

Step 5: Complete Submission to 722 Redemption

Once the next window open, you can submit your client's information to send with the application.

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