Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Pledge. At Prizm Financial Co., LLC and its affiliates including 722 Redemption Funding we respect the privacy of our borrowers. We recognize the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of your personal financial information. This notice describes the privacy policy and practices followed by Prizm Financial Co., LLC and 722 Redemption Funding. This notice explains the types of borrower information we collect and under what circumstances we may share it.

Borrower Information We Collect. We collect only relevant information about borrowers in order to establish and maintain your account and services as the law allows or requires us to collect. We may collect personal and financial information about you, which is Nonpublic (borrower information). The borrower information we collect varies depending on the accounts and services you request and use. We collect information about you from the following sources:

Application Information. We retain personal information we receive from you on any application you provide to us for loans or other related loan services. Application information includes: your name, address, e-mail address, social security number, birth date, phone number, drivers license number, employment, financial status, credit history and other loan related information.

Your Transactions. We retain your transaction information any time you perform a transaction on one of your loan accounts, transactions through online banking, online loan payer, including over the phone. Transaction information includes: your account number, the date, the amount, the location of the transaction and other loan related information.

Credit Reports. When we evaluate your application for a loan, we may request a credit report about you from a consumer reporting agency. We retain the personal and credit history information about you and we may use it to evaluate your future account service requests.  By accepting our terms and conditions you authorize Prizm Financial Co., LLC and 722 Redemption Funding to gather any necessary credit information on your behalf, including obtaining a credit report, for the sole purpose of determining credit worthiness.

Online. We obtain information online when you visit our websites, and This includes retaining information you provide to us on an online application, through online loan payer, or related online loan information you provide, or by e-mail.

Our Sharing of Borrower Information. In order to provide financial services to you, we may share certain information about you with our affiliates and third party service providers. However, we limit any information sharing to the extent necessary to service your account or offer new services to you. If we share your information, it is with the goal of bringing you quality services, more choices, and greater convenience. Information we may have about former borrowers is shared or disclosed only if it is required to enforce or administer an account or as required by law.

Sharing Information with Affiliates. We may share information from time to time with our affiliates; such affiliates may include companies that provide financial services, including financial planning, securities, insurance products as well as auto-lending services and other loan related services. We may share personal information (name, address, account number, and phone number) and account information (type of accounts, account balances, and transaction history) with our affiliates so they can serve you more efficiently. Any affiliates of our must maintain the same privacy standards as us.

Sharing Information with Third Party Service Providers. In order for us to conduct our operations, including servicing your account and processing your transactions, we need to share information with our service providers, including: data processing companies, check, ATM and other payment processing companies, payment networks, loan service providers, insurance companies, collection agencies, credit reporting agencies, securities brokerage and financial planners and service providers with whom we have marketing agreements. These service providers act on our behalf and have agreed in writing to keep the member information we provide to them confidential. We share the following categories of information to third party service providers depending on the specific services provided:

  • Personal information (name, address, account number, and phone number)
  • Account information (type of accounts, account balances, transaction history)
  • Transaction information (dates, amounts, locations and type of transaction)

We do not sell borrower information nor share your account numbers with independent third party marketers offering their products and services. While we may assist in offering the financial products and services of our affiliates or third party service providers, we control the borrower information used to make such offers.

Sharing Information as Legally Required or Permitted. We may share any borrower information of yours in response to a lawful request issued by a court, government agency, or regulatory authority or as permitted by law in order to administer or enforce your account. We may also share our experience information about you with credit bureaus. Our reporting to credit bureaus is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which affords you the right to make sure that your credit bureau reports are accurate.

Our Confidentiality and Security Safeguards. We maintain strict policies and security controls to assure that borrower information in our computer systems and files is protected. Our employees are permitted access to borrower information that they may need to perform their jobs, to provide service to you, and as necessary to conduct a transaction or respond to your inquiries. All employees are trained to respect borrower privacy. No one except our employees have access to the Prizm Financial Co., LLC’s computer system and records storage. Prizm Financial Co., LLC has established internal security controls, including physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the information you provide us and the information we collect about you. We will continue to review our internal security controls to safeguard your borrower information as we employ new technology in the future.

Online Privacy Protections. At our website, you may apply for loans and loan related services and you may communicate with us via e-mail. To protect the information you provide us online, we use multiple levels of security. The application information we accept online, our online bill payer service relies on industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to secure your transaction information and communication. Generally, our e-mails are not secure. However, if we ask you to e-mail us information other than your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number, it will be obtained using a secure (SSL encryption) e-mail form.

When you visit our web site, you can access site information, without revealing your personal identity. However, in order to help us identify you for future site visits, we use cookies to track your visit. A cookie is a piece of information that our web server stores on your computer hard drive and retrieves later. The cookie will not request, require, or collect personal identity information and you remain anonymous. Your borrower information is not accessed by or stored within a cookie in any way.

Protecting Children’s Information Privacy. Our online financial services are not designed for or directed toward children. We do not knowingly solicit or collect data from children and we do not knowingly market to children online. We recognize that protecting children’s identities and online privacy is important and that responsibility rests with us and with parents.

Privacy Policy Inquiries. If you have any questions about our privacy practices, contact us by calling (513) 721-2800, sending us an e-mail at, or, or writing to us at: Prizm Financial Co., LLC 3700b Park 42 Drive Suite 150 Cincinnati, OH 45241


We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at anytime and we will notify you as required by law.

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