Our full-service vehicle bankruptcy program can help all your clients by refinancing, redeeming or replacing their vehicles.
The Problem

New legislation makes it difficult to file a Chapter 7 and says the new redemption amount is the retail value.

The Solution

With our Redemption Program, 722 Redemption Funding, Inc. will still be able to help many debtors by providing attorneys with workable retail values.

Through our Creditor Direct Program , we will negotiate settlements directly with creditors. Creditors have indicated they are willing to listen to offers superior to auction values.

Our Wholesale Replacement Program can give debtors another option by helping them purchase a late model, low mileage vehicle at no more than 120% NADA Trade-In Value (not to exceed retail).

Trustee Program can help debtors by lending money to them for the fair market value of their car, so that they may repurchase their car from the trustee.