The Problem

Vehicle repossession and liquidation was never a good option for creditors. This has been the best way to mitigate your losses - until now! Consider the following example...

Securing the vehicle $250 Taking possession of a surrendered vehicle costs you!
Reconditioning $200
...and then
the costs to sell it $150

Add in the cost of depreciation for the vehicle while you’re getting it ready for resale at $150/month, and you are looking at an expensive way of doing business!
The Solution

You can lock in a higher value today!

722 Redemption Funding, Inc. will guarantee a higher than auction value and pay you in a lump sum now.

Why take a chance at auction? Our fast funding allows you to focus on other accounts.

Settlement Proposal for ABC Bank
Date: June 2009
Debtor(s): John Q. Doe
Vehicle 2008 Chevrolet Impala LT
21,453 miles

Chapter 7

Surrender = Liquidation Auction Value

Documented Audtion Value = $10,250
(Using recent auction sales - available upon request)

Less Reconditioning $200
Less Repossession $275
Less Depreciation $150
Less Auction Fees $150
Net Recovery $9,475

Chapter 7

Creditor Direct Funding

Accept our retail offer

paid within 15 business days

Additional Value Recovered:

Request a Settlement Proposal
  • Win-Win: You get higher than auction values while debtors get a drastically reduced loan balance.
  • Fastest funding: Upon reaching a settlement, we can often provide funding within 15 days.
The Process